AO Holdings together with its partner Square 9 Softworks provides a complete solution to help government agencies, large corporations, and small and medium-size enterprises to streamline their document management, workflow and archival needs and to eliminate inefficiencies.

We utilize our proprietary Enterprise Document Management solution “Global Search” to build bridges between people, paper and processes.

Built on a Microsoft SQL Server backend, it provides robust scalability with an open and secure platform for classifying documents. To improve information management with reduced reliance on paper, Global Search Enterprise Document Management software enables institutions to better serve their stakeholders needs with immediate and accurate access to information.

Document Management Software Gives Agencies the Ability To:

  • Search quickly and easily for government documents, allowing for immediate response to public inquiries
  • Save the time and frustration of managing bulky documents
  • Decrease administrative labour costs by eliminating manual data entry and paper-based filing systems
  • Automate the routing of internal records and enforce proper document retention mandates
  • Organize property and town clerk records efficiently
  • Manage local town and city tax records for easy information.

The advantage of using Global Search software are;

  • Documents can be described (index fields) with multiple values versus a single file name.
  • It automates indexs & filing that simplifies the document scanning and filing process
  • It pre-defines index values which enforce consistent formatting, naming and filing conventions
  • Documents can be easily related (cross-referenced)
  • Retrieves and views documents which makes it much faster and easier
  • It improves security and compliance (e.g. HIPAA, GLB, FACTA, etc.) via archive security settings and an audit trail – to track access and usage of a document.

All documents are securely deposited in Archives you designate. You dictate permissions guaranteeing compliance while ensuring that documents are available 24/7. With Global Search you determine who in your organization will have access to your files and what can be done with them.

You can also reduce paper consumption by storing all of your documents in a centralized content repository. Global Search’s broad adaptability allows you store both scanned and electronic documents including PDF, JPG, TIF, Word, Excel, Outlook files and many more. You can also drive efficiency by streamlining repetitive business processes including document routing, notification and approval. Time spent searching for documents is drastically minimized resulting in increased productivity and reduced spending.



The document capture automation transforms information into business intelligence. It easily captures, classifies and validates high volumes of documents, transforming them into usable data that provides insight, drives efficiency and leads to smarter decision-making.

Global Capture scans and extracts business critical data from your everyday documents including emails, PDFs, MS Office files and more. With its own business process engine, Global Capture delivers a single path for the flow of all business information.

Its available as a standalone document capture solution, Global Capture is also included with every Global Search® EDM software installation, reducing the expenses related to acquiring, training and supporting multiple product lines. As a solution modeled to grow easily with your organization, Global Capture gives you the flexibility to purchase only what you need today, while affordably scaling functionality and performance features with your evolving needs.

It designs, implements and supports your capture workflow at any time, through any modern browser. Global Capture makes building out processes easy with components that can be arranged and connected in a variety of ways to create unique document workflows. The modular design of Global Capture allows you to easily create a solution that’s built for the specific needs of your organization with flexible features for extending document capture automation.





It captures documents from virtually any source including MFPs, production scanners, email servers, web forms, watched network directories or other external data sources.


It uses form recognition to automatically classify and capture documents. With RapidAdapt® Forms Learning, new classification projects can be created on the fly for handling the ongoing training of evolving document capture processes.


It extracts information from your documents using powerful extraction tools including structured and unstructured Optical Character Recognition, Barcode Recognition, Tabular Data Extraction, Database Lookups and more.


It also checks the integrity of your information before it’s shared to downstream applications is critical to any type of data capture automation. GlobalCapture provides OCR confidence reporting and other essential validation checks to ensure data accuracy.


It automatically routes your documents to the destination of your choice, including network shares that GlobalCapture creates and names on the fly. With automated email notifications your users will be kept in the loop when new documents become available.


In addition to releasing to a file share, GlobalCapture can also release to any document management software including direct integration with GlobalSearch EDM software, Microsoft SharePoint and more.



  • No Per Page Licensing Requirements

Global Capture’s licensing scales based on server processing cores rather than page counts. This means your processes will never shut down unexpectedly at the end of a busy month or year.

  • Business Process Management Engine

From the GlobalCapture Workflow Designer, users can create, modify, copy, delete, and publish document workflows to connect and automate your unique business processes.

  • Powerful Email Processing

Don’t just extract information from scanned images! Seamlessly capture emails along with their attachments and search across both to find the information you need.

  • Easily Configured Scalability

Administrators can optimize GlobalCapture by configuring multiple processing engines to handle high volume workloads, while easily adding and removing threads for varying processing requirements.

  • Web Forms Integration

Through GlobalCapture’s workflow designer, you can add web forms to your process to create and manage both secured and public forms for an unlimited array of business use cases.

  • Application Sharing

High-value data extracted from your documents can be easily shared across the enterprise with the applications you use the most including ERP, CRM, HRM and BPM platforms.



Enterprise Document Management (EDM) software quickly transforms your paper-based documents into digital information that can be shared, mined and

managed with far greater efficiency. It saves valuable time by giving your staff immediate access to information through the web, from anywhere at any time, via a centralized repository for all your business content. It uses flexible search tools to locate records using any combination of keywords, phrases, addresses and more. With EDM software it’s easy to find every file that matches your search criteria. It increases collaboration with coworkers in or out of the office through a web-based platform that includes document routing and email notification. It protects your records with a granular security model that controls access to information, while tracking which users have viewed or modified a document. It eliminates offsite storage costs and make better use of your office space by removing paper-based filing systems. It also protects your organization with established record retention practices that ensure you’re always in compliance with government regulatory mandates. It also ensures your policies and procedures are followed by developing automated workflows that define process flow while notifying users of required actions and tracking related activity. With your records digitally secured, it is easy to protect them against theft, fire or natural disaster, while ensuring business continues as usual.


  • Streamline Business Workflow

It enables organizations to manage business more efficiently by simplifying the capture, retrieval and distribution of your business information with GlobalSearch document management software.

  • Mobile & Flexible

You can deliver anywhere, anytime and get access to documents through the browser from any mobile device.  GlobalSearch EDM software keeps processes consistent and your team productive, while offering the same power and capabilities as the desktop client.

  • Integration Capabilities

It integrates EDM software with the leading business programs including QuickBooks®, Salesforce®, Microsoft Dynamics™ and more. In addition, gain full document capture and retrieval support right from the control panel of your office multi-functional printer.

  • Security & Auditing

Granular security provides user-based sign-in access, keeping databases, archives, documents and feature-level security enforced. The audit trail logs all document actions by date and user with convenient filtering and export options, to provide full visibility into business output.

  • Digital Forms

GlobalForms web forms management provides a web-based alternative for replacing your paper forms with the efficiency of a digital forms process that steps up the flow of relevant information.

The Enterprise Document Management System (EDM), has extended functionality that enables organizations to manage business more efficiently by simplifying the capture, retrieval and distribution of your business information with GlobalSearch document management software.

With data capture solutions you can effortlessly capture, validate and classify high volumes of documents, eliminating the need for manual data entry and minimizing document handling requirements.

It easily maps document workflows while providing insight into your document management processes. Keep business moving throughout the lifecycle of a document with automated notifications and approvals.

File XChange integrates with windows to make capturing digital content simpler than ever before, granting users the ability to capture a document to GlobalSearch simply by using the save command.

By leveraging the integration power of image XChange, business users can quickly access critical content to make informed decisions regardless of the application they are running.



The QuickStart Application Builder reduces the time to setup GlobalSearch with pre-defined solution templates that automatically build out Archives, Fields, Searches and more for your business application.

It increases document security, simplifies compliance and protects the document against unauthorized access with our robust security model, even when you’re on the go.

It saves money and labor by eliminating paper-based file handling as well as off-site storage costs to make better use of your office space.

It improves access to information from anywhere at any time, our document management software gives your staff immediate access to information via a centralized repository for all your business content.

It automates workflow and easily designs well defined processes that enforce business rules, set escalation schedules and systemize manual tasks like notifications and approvals.

It easily shares and collaborates between teams through a web-based document management platform to improve creativity while enabling reviews and approvals.

It protects your organization, define policies and procedures and enforce business rules with workflow software that tracks related activity and keeps your organization compliant.

Our enterprise content management software allows you to integrate and collaborate on cross-functional documents with your existing business applications to share extracted data or create portals for content access.



Some of the key features of the inventory management module includes item movement tracking, item substitute suggestions, expiry date management and physical inventory management. It supports and propels your business goals and overall growth and easily accommodates new processes and additional lines of business, and it scales to meet higher demands, without sacrificing performance or incurring major increases to your original technology investment – or your inventory .



The Web Form Management extends document automation by capturing critical information effortlessly with intuitive web forms that eliminate repetitive processes.It allows you to quickly and easily create custom web forms through a highly intuitive drag and drop web platform with a user-friendly look and feel. With decorators and test views, web forms are easily formatted within desktops, tablets and smartphones.

GlobalForms is integrated with the GlobalCapture platform allowing you to leverage the power of capture workflow processing. When a web form is submitted, collected data is automatically populated onto other forms, streamlining the entry of repetitive information.

Once the data is captured users can easily create and define custom workflows with automated commands for routing web form field data for further actions. This includes sending email notifications and circulating for approval.

The features and benefits of the web form management are it has a user-friendly design. With its browser-based platform, GlobalForms offers a robust styling option for easy form creation.

It allows you create custom layout. Build rules and logic into web forms that dynamically change the layout based on selections made, ensuring required data has been provided before web form submission.

It automatically routes documents for approval, notifying users of required action.

It captures automation. Leverage document capture automation to effortlessly collect data from all sources, creating a single process for working with information.