Events MPL

Events MPL Limited (Events MPL) is an innovative event management and multimedia content production company. We offer event management services such as event planning, budgeting, venue arrangement, transportation, catering, décor, audio-visuals, staffing, security, fundraising, coordination and event risk management services.

We also provide multimedia content production services for television, radio, social media and digital marketing platforms. In addition, we undertake event public relation services, media coverage and marketing services. We offer our services to individuals and corporate entities. Some of the institutions we serve include; hotels, resorts and guest houses; small and medium scale enterprises; multinational organizations and large corporation; government institutions; diplomatic missions and development partners; educational institutions; hospitals and healthcare institutions; churches and faith-based organizations; shopping malls and retail centers; and civil societies and social groups.

Events MPL is one of the subsidiaries of AO Holdings, a growing Ghanaian business conglomerate.

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