Computer Hardware & Consumables


Computer Hardware & Consumables

AO Holdings over the years has been a leader in the procurement and deployment of computers and their accessories. As HP Partners, AO Holdings supplies accessories that include personal computers (PCs), medium-range servers, storage devices, visual presentation devices, Internet/communication equipment, imaging/printing devices, power supply management, and personal identification equipment. As a general trend, tasks earlier done by mainframes and medium-range servers,  are gradually being done by smaller but powerful PCs.  

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Printers & Copiers

Expenditure on computer systems does not stop with the initial purchase of the hardware and software. Various computer supplies and consumables are needed to keep a computer system operating.  These include:

  • paper for printers, photocopiers and fax machines
  • Ink and toner for printers

We supply HP brands such as 

  • HP Office Jet Pro, all-in-one wireless printer
  • HP Envy 6055

This is one of HP’s most powerful color printers.

  • It boasts a 250-sheet capacity (half of a typical ream of paper),
  • A 35-sheet, two-sided automatic document feeder, double-sided printing
  • Print speeds up to 22 pages per minute for black and 18 for color,
  • It offers scan, copy, and fax in addition to print.
  • It supports Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and printing from smartphones.
  • Additionally, the printer supports Alexa and Google Assistant
Toners & Cartridges

Toner cartridges contain toner powder, a fine, dry mixture of plastic particles, carbon, and black or other colouring agents that make the actual image on the paper.

An original cartridge is manufactured by the same brand that made your printer e.g. an original cartridge for an HP printer is manufactured by HP.

Network Equipment & Accessories

Stay on top of your ever-evolving enterprise network with AO Holdings network equipment and accessories procurement. To build a network, you will need a range of equipment including the following:

  • Cables & Connectors
  • Routers
  • Wireless access points
  • Ethernet cables (CAT 6, CAT 5)
  • Servers
  • Server Racks
  • P.O.E Injectors
  • Ethernet Adaptors
  • Switches
CCTV Surveillance Systems

Security CCTV cameras are property protection tools that act as a deterrent to delinquent behaviors and capture evidence of crimes. AO Holdings Weatherproof cameras cover outdoor areas for a home or business with a low risk of damage from the elements. Indoor cameras are unidentifiable and provide surveillance of entrances, workspaces, and storage facilities. Track unwarranted movement on your property, against break-ins and burglaries. 

Time Attendance & Access Control System

Our time and attendance system does not only makes clocking in and out smooth and effortless, but it can also provide extremely valuable features, such as employee scheduling, absence management, payroll integration, and HR reporting, as well as help employers with work legislation compliance.


Smart Home

The smart home comes with features that let you add the smart capability to your home appliances without replacing any of their existing setups, at the same time adding an extra layer of security to your home.

Equipped with an app that lets you control your smart home from anywhere in the world. This is not difficult to operate and its easy to use. Has a unique interface. This smart home service will allow users to monitor anything that happens in their homes while they are away. With the power of this service, one do not need to worry about security. You have the power to lock, control and monitor everything at home.

Smart Hotel

Smart hotels is where hospitality meets the technology of tomorrow with comfort, quality and high-tech luxury.  AO Holdings Smart hotel solutions, will provide hoteliers the chance to enhance their customer service and satisfaction with the power of Internet and IoT technology, and an opportunity to stand apart from the conventional standards of today.


View the hotel menu, check out daily specials and discounts, and order food with a few clicks on the webapp.

Mobile Accessibilty

Smart Room access is granted to the guest with an elegant guest webapp, that can be opened with an SMS or an email link sent during check-in. No need to download any app from play store.

Easy Solution

Turn on/off any switch or plugs in the room with just a tap on the webapp.


Features of the Smart Home Device:

  • Control from anywhere
  • Smart Intelligence to your appliances
  • Voice recognition with google assistance & Amazon Alexa
  • Smart App to control
  • Tighter Security
  • Live Power consumption Tracking
  • Smart Entertainment control

smart Security system

Our Security System offers you three forms of protection: burglary, fire, and emergency, depending on the specific configuration of your system. The system consists of a touch panel control for system operation, various sensors that provide perimeter and interior burglary protection, and optional smoke, combustion, or carbon monoxide detectors to provide early fire or dangerous environment warning. In addition, wireless keys or optional RFID tags allow you to control the system away from the touch panel control.

Transforming business process


AO Holdings is driving digital transformation with a golden forest of operational support services to enable entities in Ghana, Africa and beyond achieve more. We integrate digital technology into all areas of a business to deliver value to customers. Digital transformation is a survival issue!
Your organization needs a digital design to achieve more. It is important to figure out how to continue to do what you do well and add digital products that enhance your products and services. This calls for the best way of utilizing social, mobile, analytics, cloud, and the Internet of Things to create business opportunities. AO Holdings is happy to help you to use technology to achieve more growth, satisfaction, sustainability and return on investment.
AO Holdings understands the three critical components that make technology project implementation successful: the people, the process, and the technology itself. We therefore bear these components in mind in forming a project team, developing project plan, managing the project, designing the system, testing the solution, deploying the solution, training the users, offering utilization, and providing maintenance.
Information technology is the spine for organizations in this cutting-edge time. Advancing significantly is unimaginable with no assistance from best tech support companies. AO Holdings gives surveillance to perceive what’s happening and resolve issues before they really transform into issues. We offer operational support services such as Managed IT Service, Help Desk IT Services, Network Setup Services, Cloud Services, On-Demand IT, Cybersecurity, Data Backup Services, Software Support and IT Consulting.
We do exactly what we propose to do when we promised to do it. We pay attention to details and produce error-free deliverables. We have what it takes to solve problems quickly and creatively. Despite our broad experiences in diverse areas in management information systems and digital transformation, we also have specialist skills that differentiate us from our peers. We have the ability to focus on the tasks at hand, and also think critically about the work to produce a complete outcome.
AO Holdings sell and provide user training for a collection of the finest, tested, and rated technology products and accessories. We deal in hundreds of IT products and consumables across these key categories; Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Wearables, Digital Health & Fitness, Smart Home, Audio, Cameras, TVs & Home Theater, Desktops, PC Components & Storage, PC Peripherals, Networking, Gaming, Apps & Services, Security, Toners & Cartridges and IT Consumables.
We provide highly secure payment platform that makes payments simple by allowing organizations to accept mobile payments, contactless payment for debit & credit cards, and cross-border payments with ease. Our payment solution is very secure with PCI DSS level 1 compliance with cutting-edge fraud management capabilities. We say yes to all payment methods and currencies; online & offline; and in-store payments. We have excellent customer support with dedicated team ready to assist with any issue. We are committed to offering the most advanced online and offline payment processing technologies, while supporting growth and financial inclusion. We allow merchants to accept payments online & offline, settle payments, receive cash advances, and enjoy seamless payment processing anywhere, anytime.