We help brands and businesses solve their challenges with scalable and meaningful web and mobile solutions. AO Holdings brings together the best dedicated iOS, Android, and web app developers, so you can outsource your project and get a top-quality product. We have all the expertise you need to produce fully fledged and stable web and mobile applications; right from ideation, UI/UX design, development to final deployment. Many companies and organizations trust us to handle the public-facing component of their operations. Because of our extensive track record in producing quality work that meets the needs of different categories of companies, our clients rely on our expertise to bring their brands and programs to light over a wide range of website categories and social media formats.

Every organization needs a presentable public-facing portal for disseminating information and keeping in touch with its clients. We consult on web design projects and advise on best practices. Over the years, we have acquired a portfolio of reputable companies and institutions that have trusted us to produce quality work for them. This work spans the entire range of website categories, including content management systems (CMS), e-commerce sites, responsive sites etc. we also offer services such as web hosting, e-commerce integration, social media integration, search engine optimization etc.

In an increasingly connected and social world, a presence on social media is indispensable for brands and companies. Potential customers, especially the younger ones, are more comfortable interacting with brands and companies informally through tweets, WhatsApp messages, and Facebook posts than they are placing calls or going to an office to make enquiries. The informal interaction feels more natural as it gels with the activities, they already carry out multiple times a day.

We provide consultancy and support on social media strategies for our clients. It is often not enough to post a message or picture without a proper understanding of the workings of the platforms on which they are posted. Users on these platforms want engagement with brands that would otherwise appear distant and unrelatable. This requires a complete rethinking of what it means to be a brand and how to present a company’s products and services to the public. We ease this transition for clients who need it and provide guidance on how to continue on that track. We also assist with marketing campaigns on the various social media platforms.